About the company

ARCUS is a single trademark of welding consumables produced by an industrial group that includes five companies:

  • OOO “CZSM” (LLC Cherepovets Plant of Welding Consumables) in Cherepovets – production of solid welding wire.
  • OOO “CZSM-Ural” (LLC Cherepovets Plant of Welding Consumables – Ural) in Magnitogorsk – production of solid welding wire.
  • ООО “MEZ” (LLC Magnitogorsk Electrode Plant) in Magnitogorsk – production of welding electrodes.
  • ООО “SMS” (LLC SvarMontazhStroy) in Dolgoprudny – production of solid welding wire and flux-cored welding wire.
  • ООО “Ameta Electrode” (LLC Ameta Electrode) in Svetlogorsk, Republic of Belarus (former SPWE of PlasmaTek Group) – production of welding electrodes.


ARCUS Industrial Group in figures

  • 4 production sites
  • 42,000 sq.m. – area of production premises
  • 23,000 sq.m. – warehouse area
  • More than 600 employees
  • 7+ countries – regions of presence
  • 5 laboratories

Industrial Group is among the TOP 3 largest manufacturers of welding consumables in Russia and the CIS: 

17% of the CIS welding wire market
18% of the CIS welding electrodes market


ARCUS is a new trademark of high quality welding products, but already known to consumers for a long time.



From batch to batch, day after day, we improve the consistency of the quality of welding consumables. We sincerely care about solving the tasks of our customers and partners, bringing them to the required result.

To achieve its strategic objectives, the Group invests the majority of its profits each year in the modernisation of production, the acquisition of new facilities, scientific and technical developments and the opening of new business areas.


Strategic objectives of the industrial group


Focus on quality and its continuous improvement
This is an absolute priority, as we strive to ensure that the ARCUS brand only stands for consistently high quality products and provides an appropriate reputation for the industrial group. For this task, feedback from the consumers of our products is essential.


Increasing market share in the CIS.
Modernization of production with increase of their capacities, acquisition of new assets, cost reduction and a wide distribution network allows us to meet this challenge.


Import substitution
An integral part of our work is the identification of consumer needs for import substitution and the scientific and technical development of new products.


Responsibility and stability of relationships
The fulfillment of our obligations to our customers and raw material suppliers ensures the stability and reliability of our relationships


Expansion of business areas in the welding industry.

New directions were opened up, such as:

  • development and production of welding equipment.
  • development of welding technologies for our products.


High quality products are ensured by:

  • Quality control of incoming raw materials.
  • Intermediate control, testing, traceability and documentation of all technological operations from from receiving raw materials to packing.
  • Improvement of personnel qualification and motivation of personnel to achieve high quality.
  • Modern technological equipment and production technology.
  • Feedback from customers.
  • Quality standards of our corporates.

Performed per day:

  • 39 tests of electrodes on 16 indicators
  • 120 tests of welding wire on 8+ indicators 

Performed per year

  • 47,500 tests on key indicators


Thanks to the stable work of the Quality Control Department, ARCUS welding consumables have:

  • 108 mandatory declarations of conformity and approvals
  • 2 voluntary certificates according to GOST R system

The entire product range is covered by the necessary approval documentation. Declarations and voluntary certifications are carried out. ARCUS welding mate consumables meet a wide range of requirements and are included in various industry Registers, Standards and Regulations.

ARCUS offers a wide range of welding consumables for a variety of industries, including

  • Shipbuilding and offshore structures
  • Pipeline construction
  • Industrial and civil construction
  • Manufacturing and civil engineering
  • Motor vehicle industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Processing industry
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Transportation and mobile machinery
  • We offer over 150 products

Our goal is to become a national company in the welding products and services market.